Cyber Security: Issues and Current Trends

Cyber Security: Issues and Current Trends Book Details:

Publisher : Springer Nature

ISBN-13 : 9811665974

Page : 174 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 974 voters

This book presents various areas related to cybersecurity. Different techniques and tools used by cyberattackers to exploit a system are thoroughly discussed and analyzed in their respective chapters. The content of the book provides an intuition of various issues and challenges of cybersecurity that can help readers to understand and have awareness about it. It starts with a very basic introduction of security, its varied domains, and its implications in any working organization; moreover, it will talk about the risk factor of various attacks and threats. The concept of privacy and anonymity has been taken into consideration in consecutive chapters. Various topics including, The Onion Router (TOR) and other anonymous services, are precisely discussed with a practical approach. Further, chapters to learn the importance of preventive measures such as intrusion detection system (IDS) are also covered. Due to the existence of severe cyberattacks, digital forensics is a must for investigating the crime and to take precautionary measures for the future occurrence of such attacks. A detailed description of cyberinvestigation is covered in a chapter to get readers acquainted with the need and demands. This chapter deals with evidence collection from the victim's device and the system that has importance in the context of an investigation. Content covered in all chapters is foremost and reported in the current trends in several journals and cybertalks. The proposed book is helpful for any reader who is using a computer or any such electronic gadget in their daily routine. The content of the book is prepared to work as a resource to any undergraduate and graduate-level student to get aware about the concept of cybersecurity, various cyberattacks, and threats in the security. In addition to that, it aimed at assisting researchers and developers to build a strong foundation for security provisioning in any newer technology which they are developing.

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